New Graduate Residency Program

Mission Statement

Arkansas Heart Hospital’s new graduate residency program for RNs is designed to support the newly hired graduate and assist with transitioning to a competent professional.  The residency program introduces the new graduate nurse to the Arkansas Heart Hospital Patient Centered Care model and is an overlay to orientation.  This residency program is a step-by-step process beginning with considerate customer service and communications progressing through diligent evidenced-based cardiovascular patient care.  This is then culminating with competency in the delivery of advanced critical care technologies and treatments.  The new graduate residency program consists of classroom instruction, clinical simulation exercises, precepted clinical experience and other mentorship activities.

Classroom instruction

Classroom instruction includes foundational content to the practice of cardiovascular nursing as well as customer service training. Content focuses on clinical reasoning, leadership abilities, evidence-based practice, patient safety and critical communication skills.

Clinical simulation exercises

Activities that promote clinical reasoning include code simulations, proper use of equipment and other nursing skills.  Opportunities will be provided which will ensure the highest level of competence with our cutting edge technologies so focus can remain on delivering quality patient care.

Precepted clinical experience

The 3 – 4 month residency program prepares the nurse resident for confident cardiovascular patient care delivery.   This is effective through RN preceptor leadership and clinical experiences.


Nurse residents are mentored throughout the program extending beyond their orientation fostering professional growth and advancement