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Call Center Nurse (RN or LPN) Full Time

Position Summary

The Call Center Nurse will be responsible for fielding patient calls or questions determining what the need is of the patient.  Using the skills possessed by a nurse, the Call Center Nurse will provide triage to the patient via telephone or tele-health applications. The Call Center Nurse will work in the organizations Call Center providing information for various patients for the organization.  The Nurse will be required to provide the patients with the right information while maintaining an excellent communication skill to the patient.  The Call Center Nurse will field calls and determine which department the calls need to be facilitated too.

Primary Duties


Patient Care:


  1. Responsible for high-volume calls regarding specific medical care.
  2. Triage patients and assess emergency cases: obtain and document patient complaint in the electronic medical records.
  3. Communicate any concerns and/or problems regarding the patient to the physician/provider.
  4. Create and maintain accurate and complete electronic documentation including the patient medication list, allergies, notes, and detail documentation regarding phone calls into the electronic medical record (EMR).
  5. Send electronic messages to other departments to assist with patient flow.
  6. Respond to phone calls such as: pharmacy refills, patients, home health agencies, etc.
  7. Provide patient and family education when needed
  8. Schedule appointments, eRefills, and handle other office support duties.
  9. Performs other related duties as assigned
  10. Computes the information from the Call Center calls into the patient records database for possible conditions or treatments.
  11. Provides clear patient information and education to the patient on the call during the situation.
  12. Evaluates the patient over the phone to determine if emergency care is needed, or if the patient should been seen by a provider.
  13. Assists healthcare team members in the understanding of hospital policies and procedures
  • Education: Graduate of an accredited registered nurse or  licensed practical nursing program required.
  • Licensure/Certification: Must hold a current state licensure or licensure from a state within the Nursing Compact required. BLS certification required within 30 days of employment and prior to providing direct patient care.  Certifications will be renewed by recommended renewal date on the certification documentation.
  • Experience : Previous medical office experience, cardiology, triage, and telemedicine experience preferred.


Job Overview

  • Job Title: Call Center Nurse (RN or LPN)
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