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Licensed Practical Nurse or Medical Assistant – Main Clinic Full Time

Assist clinical team members by performing a variety of duties for patients within the scope of practice of an LPN using the patient focused care system and under the direction/supervision of an RN. Assumes, under the direction of the Laboratory, responsibility for patient specimen testing, quality control, quality improvement, and equipment maintenance.

Primary Duties

Patient Care:

  1. Actively participates directly with patient care and ensures a safe and comforting environment.
  2. Responds to patients need in a timely manner.
  3. Transports patients as needed.
  4. Welcome patients and assures the admission paperwork is available and actively participates in the admission process.
  5. Assists patients with ADLs including meals, bathing, and hygiene needs.
  6. Performs/Assists with positioning patients and transferring patients from bed to chair or wheelchair or stretcher.
  7. Performs/Assists with range of motion exercises and ambulating.
  8. Performs range of motion exercises with patients as appropriate.
  9. Reports abnormal conditions to the RN in a timely manner.
  10. Assists in the maintenance of skin integrity with the use of emollients, creams, etc. Cares for superficial skin tears under the direction of the RN.
  11. Identifies the organization of the human body; its systems, structure, and functions.
  12. Demonstrates general principles of cleanliness (asepsis).
  13. Applies the principle of basic nutrition to patient care.
  14. Provides basic emergency care.
  15. Performs Point of Care procedures in a timely manner according to established policy and procedure. Documents required information and complies with all Point of Care quality control standards.

Technical Activities:

  1. Identifies, reports and records changes that result from disease or trauma to patients respiratory, cardiovascular, neurologic, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, reproductive, musculoskeletal, metabolic, psychologic, integumentary, sensory, immune, hematologic, and nutritional systems.
  2. Observes, reports and records the patients condition.
  3. Monitors intravenous lines for adequacy of fluids and operations and reports any non-functioning line as observed with visual inspection.
  4. Performs oral /nasal /endotracheal suctioning.
  5. Establishes patient setup/connection tasks including NIBP, SaO2 and ECG.
  6. Collects specimens such as urine, stool, sputum.
  7. Applies warm and cold compresses.
  8. Performs 12 lead EKG.
  9. Monitors and performs vital signs using a variety of equipment, and reports abnormalities to RN.
  10. Performs surgical preps on patients.
  11. Obtains weights and basic patient information on new admissions.
  12. Assists RN/MD in removal of sheath and applies manual pressure or c-clamp after hemostasis has been established.
  13. Observes sheath site for signs of bleeding and notifies RN of any changes.
  14. Provides clerical duties as needed.
  15. Able to apply simple dressings and assist RN with more complex dressings.
  16. Performs blood glucose monitoring.
  17. Performs hemostasis monitoring test.
  18. Performs intake and output measurements.
  19. Performs calorie counts.
  20. Performs ostomy care.
  21. Administers medications in a safe manner.
  22. Provides peripheral intravenous site care and is able to discontinue peripheral intravenous therapy.
  23. Collaborates with the RN in developing, implementing, and evaluation of the outcomes of the teaching plan.

Staff/Unit Responsibilities

  1. Delegates appropriately to non-licensed staff in keeping with job descriptions, licenses requirements and standards of practice.
  2. Uses resources in an efficient and cost effective manner.
  3. Participates in peer review.
  4. Participates in developing other staff and affiliating students.
  5. Maintains and develops own professional competencies.
  6. Maintains and promotes a team spirit through active cooperation and collaboration.
  7. Assists in interdepartmental service coordination.
  8. Actively participates in the Performance Improvement and Utilization
  9. Review programs.
  10. Assumes a role in the maintenance of the patient-focused care delivery system.
  11. Assists in all aspects of care of the environment, such as dietary, housekeeping, infection control, and supply and equipment management.
  12. Attends 80% of in-services and departmental meetings.
  13. Help provide staff to other areas of the hospital when needed.
  14. Assists with patient charges as necessary.
  • Education: Graduate of a Practical Nurse program or Medical Assistant Program.
  • Licensure/ Certification: If LPN, current state licensure as a Practical Nurse or licensure from a state within the Nursing Compact. Current BLS and ACLS certification required within 30 days of employment. Basic EKG required within 6 months of employment. Certification must be renewed by recommended renewal date on certification documentation.
  • Experience: 6 months- 1 year continuous experience in an acute care setting preferred.

Job Overview

  • Job Title: Licensed Practical Nurse or Medical Assistant – Main Clinic
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