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Pharmacy Technician Patient Liaison – ENCORE (FTD) Full Time

Responsible for assisting the pharmacist in the pharmaceutical care services for the hospital. The technician will be involved with compiling an accurate list of the patients medications upon admission to enhance the medication reconciliation process. Their duties will include obtaining the best possible admission medication list, obtaining the name of patients personal pharmacy, suggesting education videos to watch, confirming allergy information as well as other duties authorized by State law. Responds to patients, families, visitors and employees in a courteous, collaborative manner. Considers unique patient needs and demonstrates age-specific competencies.

Primary Duties

Patient Care:

  1. Obtain admission medication list under leadership of the pharmacist.
  2. Performs skills specific to the licensure requirements of this position.
  3. Completes work in accordance with department and hospital policies and procedures.
  4. Ensures work is thorough and accurate.
  5. Able to respond to variation in workload.
  6. Demonstrates willingness to learn.
  7. Willingly accepts additional duties and responsibilities as requested by the pharmacist.
  8. Works closely with the supervising pharmacist.
  9. Demonstrates effective organizational skills.
  10. Requires minimal supervision.
  11. Shows initiative and self-direction.
  12. Has knowledge of department and hospital policies and procedures as related to this position.
  13. Demonstrates good mathematical skills.
  14. Documents and communicates information in a clear and legible manner.
  15. Documents in the appropriate areas.
  16. Ensures documentation is complete and done in a timely manner.
  17. Ensures documentation reflects the performance of the appropriate scope of duties for the Pharmacy Technician.
  18. Achieves and maintains appropriate level of computer skills to perform duties.
  19. Maintains confidentiality and privacy of patients and families at all times.
  20. Acts in a professional, respectful manner in the workplace. Treats patients, families and co-workers with dignity and respect at all times. Accepts direction and delegation in a positive, professional manner.
  21. Demonstrates a consistent awareness of patient, family and staff safety, including infection control risks.
  22. Completes work in a timely manner. Actively seeks out direction from RPH for assignments when work is done.
  23. Completes continuing education courses as required to maintain technician certification annually.
  • Education: High school diploma or G.E.D. required.
  • Licensure/Certification: Arkansas State Board Pharmacy Technician license required. PTCB certification preferred.
  • Experience: 1 year retail pharmacy technician experience involving interactions with patients required.

Job Overview

  • Job Title: Pharmacy Technician Patient Liaison – ENCORE (FTD)
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