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Registered Nurse – Cath Lab (7-7) Full Time

This professional staff person is responsible for performing assessments, developing a plan of care and implementing and evaluating the care. The RN-Critical administers medications and treatments as ordered by physicians and in keeping with the current clinical nursing practice. Also responsible for directing, monitoring and evaluating the care delegated to non-licensed personnel. The RN-Critical leads the interdisciplinary care team for patients with primarily cardiovascular disease. In addition, the RN-Critical performs a range of technical services in a cross-functional mode to comprehensively serve patient needs. Assumes (under the direction of the Laboratory) responsibility for patient specimen testing, quality control, quality improvement and equipment maintenance.

Primary Duties

Patient Care:

  1. Completes admission assessment and periodic reassessments according to patients progress and/or unit protocols and population-specific parameters.
  2. Documents findings and communicates all pertinent information to interdisciplinary team members as appropriate.
  3. Collaborates with interdisciplinary team members in the development, evaluation and revision of the plan of care as appropriate to meet the patients needs and goals.
  4. Provides competent direct care and ensures the provision of a safe and comforting environment resulting in a high level of patient satisfaction.
  5. Assists healthcare team members in the understanding of hospital policies and procedures.
  6. Provides education to patients/families/significant others, incorporating population-specific criteria and assessment of readiness to learn.
  7. Maintains patient confidentiality.
  8. Maintains standard precautions.
  9. Administers medications and completes treatments according to hospital policy and within population-specific parameters.
  10. Maintains all necessary documentation.
  11. Facilitates discharge plan in collaboration with interdisciplinary team.
  12. Demonstrates knowledge and ability to use necessary patient care equipment.
  13. Coordinates response of the interdisciplinary team to emergency situations.
  14. Performs Point-of-Care procedures in a timely manner according to established policy and procedure. Documents required information and complies with all Point-of-Care quality control standards.

Staff/Unit Responsibilities:

  1. Delegates appropriately to non-licensed staff in accordance with job description, license requirements and standards of practice.
  2. Utilizes resources in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  3. Participates in developing other staff and affiliating students.
  4. Maintains and develops own professional competencies.
  5. Maintains unit-based competencies.
  6. Maintains and promotes a team spirit through active cooperation and collaboration.
  7. Assists in interdepartmental service coordination.
  8. Actively participates in the Performance Improvement and Utilization Review program.
  9. Assumes a leadership role in the maintenance of the patient-focused care delivery system.
  10. Assists in directing and guiding staff in the coordination of unit operations.
  11. Supports the multi-skilled worker environment (i.e., cross training).
  12. Demonstrates willingness to assist other areas of the hospital, as needed.
  13. Cross-trains and willingly works in other areas of the hospital, accepting assignments within competency level.
  14. Effectively applies prioritization and time management to patients care.
  15. Assists in all aspects of care in the environment.
  16. Adheres to all policy and procedures.
  17. Ensures that patient has a signed consent present in the chart prior to procedure.

Department-Specific Responsibilities

Cath / EP Lab

  1. Performs patient assessments pre-, peri- and post-procedure.
  2. Maintains a safe, aseptic environment in the Cath Lab.
  3. Administers medications as ordered by the physician.
  4. Maintains competent knowledge of all procedures and adheres to procedure protocol.
  5. Assists all personnel, patients and physicians as needed.
  6. Ensures all supplies are available.
  7. Operates and maintains equipment in good working order.
  8. Participates in the total maintenance of the department.
  9. Ensures that patient has an H & P documented by a physician according to appropriate standards prior to procedure.
  10. Settles patient after procedures and provides accepting RN with concise reports on the patient.

Job Overview

  • Job Title: Registered Nurse – Cath Lab (7-7)
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