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Structural Heart Nurse – FT Full Time

The Structural Heart Nurse is responsible for coordinating the structural heart program which includes: transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVRI), Mitra clip repair, and other related procedures/surgeries. This position is responsible for assessing and evaluating suitability of potential structural heart candidates and providing patient education regarding tests/procedure. Extracts and reviews data to allow for accurate screening of patients and coordinates multidisciplinary meetings to discuss structural heart cases. Monitors peri- and post-operative outcomes. Serves as primary point of contact for the structural heart device vendor(s). The Structural Heart Nurse has a central role in the planning and scheduling of procedures and ensuring the availability of the patient, members of the multidisciplinary team and required devices. Maintains fiscal responsibility for the program and evaluates overall effectiveness of the program.

Work Schedule

Forty hours per week, Monday through Friday, with additional hours as needed to meet patient and program needs.

Primary Duties

Clinical Responsibilities:

  1. Assists structural heart team physicians, referring physicians and prospective patients themselves in identifying potential candidates for structural heart repair.
  2. Assesses and evaluates physical, mental and cognitive status/health of potential structural heart candidates to determine potential suitability for procedure.
  3. Engages patients and families in extensive and comprehensive counseling regarding tests required for the structural heart procedure. Provides and explains in detail the patient education material.
  4. Coordinates and collaborates with structural heart team including physicians and their staff to schedule protocol testing.
  5. Ensures the structural heart team cardiovascular surgeons are consulted regarding operability of potential candidates and facilitates said documentation into appropriate patient visit stay.
  6. Maintains constant communication with structural heart team physicians, referring physicians and their staff regarding patient evaluations and outcomes of tests.
  7. Assists structural heart team echo cardiographer with preoperative TEE for the purpose of obtaining valvular measurements and other required structural images.
  8. Consolidates data from each evaluating test and uploads information into a secure international database (ValvePoint) for peer review. Reviews the data images and measurements uploaded in ValvePoint, including annulus measurements, minimal luminal diameters of ileofemoral systems and degree of calcification. Communicates with physicians and medical device representative of findings for their final verification.
  9. Coordinates a multidisciplinary meeting prior to each structural heart case to discuss upcoming and future cases.
  10. Assists in data gathering for any future research project involving structural heart devices.
  11. Maintains open lines of communication with the medical device representative on each case, both pre- and post-operatively.
  12. Assists the Performance Improvement Department in gathering data for STS/ACC/TVT registry.
  13. Assists with development and editing order sets and protocols for the structural heart procedure(s) and evaluates as needed with the structural heart team of physicians and their APNs (in consultation with AHH departments involved).
  14. Provides education and support to AHH staff regarding the evaluation of and care of structural heart patients.

Operational Responsibilities:

  1. Monitors and evaluates the effectiveness of the structural heart program operations under direction of Director of Nursing.
  2. Assists Marketing with understanding referral process for future growth of structural heart program.
  3. Participates in national education to stay abreast of current trends and new technology.
  4. Provides regular and as-needed executive updates and reports.
  5. Provides input into all aspects of structural heart program, while ensuring a quality structural heart program

Education: Graduate of an accredited nursing program required.

  • Licensure/Certification: Registered Nurse with current state licensure or licensure from a state within the Nursing Compact required. BLS certification required within 30 days of employment and prior to providing direct patient care. Successful completion of AHA-approved course in ACLS within 30 days of employment required. Certification is to be renewed by recommended renewal date on certification card.
  • Experience: Minimum of one year adult, acute care with cardiology/cardiovascular RN-level experience required. CVICU, SICU or CCU experience strongly preferred. Will consider telemetry-trained nurse with minimum of one year experience.
  • Essential Technical/Motor Skills: Ability to manipulate various types of electronic and clinical equipment and adjust and troubleshoot monitoring equipment, IV infusions and computer equipment. Ability to operate specialty equipment related to area of expertise and to perform computer tasks at a “users” level.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Must possess the ability to interact and communicate in English, both orally and written, with all levels of staff, physicians, patients and families in an effective manner, exhibiting tact, enthusiasm and patience. Must be sensitive to cultural and bilingual issues.
  • Essential Physical Requirements:
  • Structural Heart Nurse transfers patient to perform medical duties. Requires vertically transferring patient weighing up to (50 lbs.) from (23) to (36), up to (6/shift).
  • Structural Heart Nurse transfers hardware and monitors from patient room-to-room. Requires vertically/horizontally transferring hardware and monitors weighing up to (25 lbs.) from (70) to (70), up to (15/shift), a distance of up to (150 feet) without mechanical assistance.
  • Structural Heart Nurse transfers patient in bed, EKG, pump, wheelchair, crash cart, stretcher and medical equipment to perform job duties. Must horizontally transfer patient in bed, EKG, pump, wheelchair, crash cart, stretcher and medical equipment requiring a force up to (40 lbs.), up to (15/shift), a distance up to (50 feet).
  • Structural Heart Nurse must access medical equipment to perform job duty. Requires repetitive assumption of posture to access a point (1) from the floor, up to (6/shift).
  • Structural Heart Nurse stands to perform job duties when indicated. Requires tolerance of standing posture up to (4 hours.), continuously, for a total of up to (7 hours) per (12 hours.).
  • Structural Heart Nurse requires (Near/Far/Depth/Color) vision to use orders, computer, electrodes, labels,.
  • Structural Heart Nurse must access hospital and campus to perform job duties. Requires walking up to (3.0 miles), in (12 hours).
  • Structural Heart Nurse is required to use computer keyboard, mouse and visual display for a total of up to (5 hours) per (12 hours).
  • Structural Heart Nurse is required to hand-write legibly.
  • Structural Heart Nurse is required to perform BLS when indicated to perform job duties.
  • Essential Cognitive Abilities: Possesses the ability to comprehend and interpret complex clinical subject matter related to the specialty and calculate in apothecary and metric systems for drug administration. Must possess the ability to document appropriate clinical information. Has the ability to interpret rules/regulations/accrediting and licensing standards sufficiently for implementation. Maintains concentration and organization while dealing with multiple issues. Possesses the ability to analyze data and formulate an appropriate plan of action.
  • Essential Sensory Requirements: Possesses the ability to respond to patient/family needs by interpreting verbal and non-verbal expressions.
  • Exposure to Hazards: Requires exposure to communicable diseases and potentially contaminated body fluids and bio-hazardous materials. OSHA Risk Factor: Category 1. Potential risk of physical injury due to moving machinery and supplies.
  • Other: Knowledgeable of the mission, vision and values of the hospital. Operates within the concept of patient-focused care. Evolves into an effective team member. Must adhere to dress code, good grooming and personal hygiene habits. Cognizant of and conforms to all hospital policies and procedures.


Job Overview

  • Job Title: Structural Heart Nurse – FT
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